January 24, 2008

Note from Dog Mom

Dog Mom says: Hello to my pupsters' adoring public. I'd like to apologize for the long delay since I last sat down and used my opposable thumbs for the benefit of blessing you all with The Finnigans presence and Cat's friendly nature.
My father passed away on November 27 and it has been a very difficult time. Blogging was not high on the priority list, but it is time to get back on the (chuck) wagon for the sake of my dogs.
Seriously, Finnigan is ranting about how dogs everywhere are lost without his guidance and Cat just sits and stares at the computer longingly. She misses her friends.

Soon, my little fur babies....very soon.

Oh-and for anyone with a dog-related business (or book or product or out there....send me something to review! As my fur babes would say: Throw us a bone, already!


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