March 30, 2008

We love dog blogs and Casper rocks!

Finnigan says: Hello and welcome, my followers. We are checking in tonight to share one of our coolest dog blog finds in the past few days. (And mental note to make Dog Mom post more pics of us...seriously, you'd think The Furless One aka Buttercup was the most imprtant thing in Dog Mom's life right now....
As if!

Cat says: Um, ya, Finn. But do you really want any pics posted right now? I mean, you haven't had a hair cut in like, forever! (talk about Grizzly Adams!)
Anyway, check out our new friend Casper's blog. It's fun!

March 29, 2008

Calling all Dogs!!!!

Finnigan says: Good day, my lowly and loyal readers. Dog Mom has informed me that there are a lot of you out there. But we don't know who you are!

Cat says: Who wants to be my friend! Come on! We want to know who's there and checking our blog. So please, please, paw-ty please leave us a comment with your name, breed, and your human's first name.

Dog Mom says: Fellow dog bloggers are also welcome to leave a comment with a link to their dog blog.

March 27, 2008

March for Babies (of the human variety)

Dog Mom says:
I am excited! I just signed up for the March for Babies walkathon for the March of Dimes. Please check out my personal page and consider supporting my fundraising goal.
Finnigan and Cat told me to ask!

Cat says: It's true!

Finnigan says: Yup. Major barks out to Dog Mom. I'm just trying to figure out how Buttercup is going to walk six miles...she's not very coordinated yet.

March 25, 2008

We have our winners!

Finnigan says: Good evening, my loyal minions of Puppydom. It is I, the Great and Fearless Finnigan here to bestow upon three very lucky humans and there even luckier furbabies the opportunity to eat like a King (That would be me, of course).
And here to assist me in announcing this evening's winners is the very talented and lovely Catherine the Great. Cat?

Cat says: (Wow, I have always wanted to be a lovely and talented assistant! This is pawsome!Wait until I tell all of the puppies I know!)
Thank you, Finnigan. We had lots of entries from some hungry pups and their people, but only three get the chance to try the Birkdale Pet Mix!
Our winners were randomly selected by Dog Mom and Buttercup (it just took us a while to post because the pieces of paper she picked out had to have time to dry...she likes to eat paper, you know.)
Our winners are:
Cocoa and her human!
And Madison the Boxer!
Many wags of the tail to all of our contestants!

Dog Mom says: A big thank you to Birkdale Medicinals for allowing Ruff Ruff the opportunity to share their tasty and healthy product with our readers.

March 24, 2008

Dogster updates on alleged dog murderer trial

Dog Mom Says: Joy from the Dogster For the Love of Dog blog has emailed Finnigan, Cat, and me, requesting a cross-post about a gruesome alleged dog murder trial. The details are shocking, but boil down to a young pregnant woman living with her husband and a roommate. The pregnant woman, now a mother, decided to attempt poisoning her roommate with visine, and eventually provoked the roommate's two dogs into a dog fight. One dog died and the other was euthanized for killing the first.
The suspect's name is Kristine Anzalone, 24. Animal lovers are asked to show their support for the harshest possible punishment by either attending the court appearance date or contacting the judge, clerk, and ADA handling the case.
Suspect: Kristine Anzalone
Court Date: March 31, 2008
Location: Naussau County. New York Courthouse
Judge: Edward Maron (talk with his clerk, Denise)
516-507-4080, 516-571-2483
ADA: 516-572-3000
Please help bring attention to this case by cross-posting and emailing to your friends and fellow dog loving bloggers!!!

March 21, 2008

High Paws to DeD

Finnigan: Major Barks and Four High Paws to Brian Anderson of Dog eat Doug comic strip fame. He is obviously a Human Follower of King Finnigans, Ruler of the Universe, (smart guy!) and has kindly dedicated a post to our Birkdale Pet Mix contest on his blog.
As a show of gratitude, human readers of Ruff Ruff are now ordered to begin reading the DeD blog on a regular basis (like every day, and sometimes twice since we dogs can't tell time), to their furry canine pals. It would do us good to get some culture, and Dog Mom keeps going back to the DeD blog, so I am assuming it is more than worth your time.

Cat: Don't forget about the DeD book store where humans can pre-order the book!

Dog Mom says: You obviously have at least one dog if you are a Ruff Ruff reader, but if you have kids, too, then the DeD comic and blog will have you chuckling all day.

March 17, 2008

Dog Mom says...

Dog Mom: I am thrilled to see so many entries for the Birkdale Pet Mix contest, but wanted to give a friendly reminder to all who have entered (and those who are planning to enter) to leave your email address.
Remember-I'm not psychic (although I do play one on TV...) so I need an email address to contact our lucky winners!

March 15, 2008

Who wants free food?

Finnigan: Remember our Four Paw review of Birkdale Pet Mix? (I know I do.) Well, my lucky and loyal followers, Dog Mom has a totally barkin' announcement to make. I'll give you one hint: contest...

Cat: Jeez- Finn! Let Dog Mom tell them! She makes the rules, anyway.

Dog Mom says: Three lucky Ruff Ruff readers will win one bag each of the recently reviewed Birkdale Pet Mix. All you have to do is bark Finnigan and Cat a comment to this post telling them why you'd like to try the new food by March 21. Include your email address or your post will not be considered a contest entry.
Those who log on to the Birkdale Medicinals site and request a free sample will receive a bonus entry in our contest. Enter for the free year of dog food on the Birkdale site and receive two more bonus entries.
I'm not psychic, so email us at if you went for the extra credit.
Three winners will be chosen and announced by March 24.
Here's the kicker---if I announce you as a winner and you don't reply within a week, I will have to select an alternate, so be on the lookout! Your dog(s) will thank you for paying attention!
Good luck!
And Ruff Ruff!

March 14, 2008

Fit for a King (and Cat)

Finnigan: Greetings, my loyal minions. I know you all have been just panting in anticipation for my next message from the Royal Land of Dogdom, and appreciate your patience as both Cat and I waited for Dog Mom to finally figure out how to balance her time between us, our blog, and the time-consuming hair-less puppy she calls "The Baby."
In either case, I am pleased to tell you about really good food called Birkdale Pet Mix.

And no, I am not talking about that dry kibble crap Dog Mom usually feeds us. This is some seriously paw-lickin' stuff! (Dog Dad couldn't even get our attention for a photo while we were eating, that is how good it was...)

It took a long time for Dog Mom to make for us, but it was worth it. All I now is that it is about time someone came up with something worthy of my consumption. After all, I AM King Finnigans, Master and Commander of all the World.
Finnigan's Ruff Ruff Review: Four out of Four paws. And as Dog King, I hereby decree this food to be fit for royalty.

Cat: So back to reality. Geesh, Finnigan.
Anyway, he is right about this food. It is DROOL-icious! Dog Mom went to the store and bought real hamburger to cook for us (she does love us!)and mixed it with the Pet Mix, and Oh My Dog!
It is SO GOOD!

Dog Mom says it is healthy, too, with real veggies and fruits and no bad things like chemicals or preservatives. This stuff is pawsome and you gotta try it. I'm already drooling just thinking about dinner tomorrow.

Oh-and ask your human to request a free sample or even better, enter for a chance at a free year of Birkdale Pet Mix on their site.
Good luck!
Cat's Ruff Ruff Review: Four out of four paws. I may never be able to eat kibble again. Unless that is all that Dog Mom puts into my food bowl.