October 30, 2007

Contest deadlines are almost here!

Finnigan: Underlings, please do not forget to enter the contests for a free crate quilt from Boodie Kiss Pet Couture or a free pet massage from Gentle Paws Pet Massage.

Cat: Trust us on this...these are prizes we WANT to keep, so that means they are worth entering the contest for!
The crate quilt contest ends on Nov. 1 and the contest for the pet massage goes until after Mom is done trick-or-treating with our little sister tomorrow night! That is when we help her pick a winner and let them know how lucky they are! I can't wait!
So enter! You know you want to!

October 26, 2007

My new ride

Finnigan: Dog Mom has been so busy lately not making any money as a freelance writer that she has kept forgetting to download the pictures from our trip to the Renessaince Festival last month.
And really, what good is the Finnigan Ruff Ruff Review of a cewl product if I don't have my visual aide?
I mean, seriously.
So now, my loyal pawllowers, I can finally review my new ride, which Dog Mom says is called "The Bob Revolution."
It's a very comfortable carriage and truly fit for a King, such as myself. Nothing like those measley little "pet" strollers I see other dogs pushed in. Those are for peasants.
I have graciously allowed for Dog Mom to place our human sibling in my carriage when I am not using it. I need to keep all paws on the ground as often as possible in order to keep these rock hard puppy abs in tip-top shape, anyway.
Finnigan's Ruff Ruff Review: Four out of Four Paws. This is one ride that will get a puppy noticed!

October 24, 2007

Boppies are a dog's best friend

Finnigan: Greeting, loyal underlings.

Do any of your dog parents have furless puppies? You know...those needy little two-legged pups that have to be carried everywhere and held to be fed?

Our Dog Mom has one and up until today, I didn't really find any use for the riff raff Dog Mom has collected to help care for Buttercup; until I snuggled into the Boppy, that is.

Dog Mom has explained that this is some type of feeding device for furless, two-legged pups. I think it should also be marketed as a puppy pillow. It is quite comfortable.

Finnigan's Ruff Ruff Review: Three out of four paws. It is pink, after all.

Mom did laundry

We love laundry day

October 16, 2007

Puppy needs a home

Finnigan: How can we resist a request from the magic hands lady for a post about a puppy who needs a home? We can't. She massaged out our sore muscles and now we are at her mercy.
Besides, the little girl is cute.

Cat: Please look at the Midwest Schipperke Rescue page for more info on Ninya. She is a Schipperke mix and tiny and CUTE! I'd bring her home, but Mom is busy with my new little sister.

Ninya's stats: Tiny, fine-boned, hears half-cocked, snuggly, calm, quiet and gentle. She was born on 6/28 and will be available for adoption once she is spayed. Applications are being accepted for her adoption. Tell them you heard about Ninya at Ruff Ruff!
Oh-and an added plus from the magic hands lady: If you adopt Ninya (did I mention she's CUTE!) and you live in the Metro Detroit area, you may have a shot at some free pet sitting...)

The Dog Wizard, Vladae Roytapel

Finnigan: Good afternoon, my loyal subjects. I am here to speak on world-renowned dog training expert, Vladae Roytapel, and his new DVD's (Secrets from the Russian Dog Wizard and More Secrets from the Russian Dog Wizard)for people to learn how to train their dogs. Dog Mom watched both of his DVD's on the magic picture box with me and Cat, and I can tell you for sure that these are good buys.
Don't freak out, pupsters. I mean "for humans."
Now, I am not in need of Vladae's Alternative Canine Training Techniques*tm (I am the Finnigans, after all) but these DVD's really help bring home the point that we (meaning dogs) can't be expected to read your minds. You (meaning humans) need to tell us what you want, when you want us to do it, and then tell us we did a good job so we know to do it again. And if you want us to think you are the boss, you have to act like it.
Vladae and his partner, Bonnie, are scary good. Their dogs can walk off-leash, carry their bags, and are the rulers of the sit-stay world.
I give them a nod of the head and a wag of the tail.
Now let me just enjoy my time here sleeping on Dog Mom's clothes.
Finnigan's Ruff Ruff Review: Two out of four paws. Why only two? Because I am perfectly content to watch The Dog Wizard show other dogs who the real alpha is in their homes...
Let's just say he is that good....and I'd just rather rule my own little kingdom.

Cat: Finnigan, for once, is right. his guy is gooooooooood. I saw him take a rescued dog who was totally all happy and jumping and "which way do we go?" and in five minutes had the dog walking perfectly at heel.
Now, we are trained and Mom and Dad tell us who is boss, that is for sure. But Vladae and Bonnie are like boot-camp for puppies. Dogs, if you are reading this....don't let your parents read the blog for a few days until this post has been buried! (Quick! If you have a heart and own a dog business, SEND US SOMETHING ELSE TO REVIEW!) Humans, if you already found your way to this post, get ready to be amazed. If you follow the directions and stuff in these DVD's, then get ready for a promotion to alpha.
Sorry pooches.
Cat's Ruff Ruff Review: Two out of four paws. I agree with Finnigan. While this might qualify as a four-star product for humans, we puppies aren't too thrilled about it.

Dog Mom steps in: Okay, so your pooch might rule the roost right now, but learn from Vladae and stop asking your dog to sit. Tell him and tell him in such a way that he understands what you want of him. Practice the techniques demonstrated in the DVD's, and you'll be amazed at the transformation.
Come on, now. He's trained KGB dogs! How can you top that? Learn Vladae's ACT methods and you might just save your dog's life. But hurry-the normally $170 price for both DVD's is being offered for only $64 for a limited time.
Dog Mom's guest Ruff Ruff Review: Two thumbs up! (Human equivalent to four out of four paws.)

October 15, 2007

Don'tcha wanna win????

Finnigan: I am reminding my loyal readers to enter the contest for the free pet massage from Gentle Paws Pet Massage.
No, scratch that.
I am King. Therefore, I am ordering you.

Cat: Ignore him. Listen to me. You will LOVE this lady because she has magic hands and loves puppies and knows how to make us putty in her hands! So ask you Dog Moms and Dad to sign you up!

October 14, 2007

Ruff Ruff gets a "kiss" from Boodie

Finnigan: Hello to all, this fine evening.

I am gracing you all with my presence to remind you to enter the contest for the Finnigan-approved crate quilt from Boodie Kiss. If no one enters, I get to keep it and you all get to wish you were me. (I know you do that, anyway, but still...)

Cat: Remember my pink T-shirt? I still love it. Mom and Dad made me take it off, though.
Wanna win one? Check back next month. I think Mom and Boodie's mom want to make another puppy super happy with their own dog-tee.
Check back next month to find out. Don't you just love the suspense?
Oh, and check out the press page at Boodie Kiss. Not sure why, but Mom seems really happy about it.
And Finnigan just got a bigger ego...it is even possible?

Win a crate Quilt

Finnigan: Greetings, my loyal minions.
Dog Mom and I have been up for a while trying to figure out how to best review and describe one of the most unique luxury pet items we have ever seen: the crate quilt from Boodie Kiss Pet Couture. (Cat's sitting out on this one due to the size constraint issue for the product received.)
Now, Dog Mom has never crated me, but since the new furniture arrived, I have been forced to stay on the couch throw, or risk getting thrown off myself (someone alert the media!). So what is a dog of my stature and presence supposed to do when Dog Mom has decided that she must wash said (and ONLY) couch throw? I'll tell you.
Usually, I am forced onto the *eewwww* dog bed with Cat, which is soooo beneath me.
But after today's package came in the mail, Dog Mom decided to wash the fur-bunnies off of the regular throw, and put the Boodie Kiss Crate Quilt in its place.
It comes in different sizes, but at 30 X 22, it's too small for Cat so too bad for her. I told her to get off my king pad and get back onto her dog bed.
I'll tell you one thing, if Dog Mom ever had crated me, I would have demanded one of these luxuriously hand-made quilts to spice up the place, while providing me with some comfort.
And I am pleased that humans are now taking into consideration the canine sense of style and function and designing luxery items specifically with us in mind.
Good human. Now sit and email all of your friends about the crate quilt. Check back often for your treat for being such a good human...it's going to be much better than that stale dog biscuit crap you try to pawn off on us as "yummy."
But I'm not bitter, of course. Just tired of stale dog biscuits.
Finnigan's Ruff Ruff Review: Four out of Four paws. It's luxury. It's fit for a King. It is perfect for me because I just so happen to be King. Enough said.

Dog Mom says: Enter to win the crate quilt that Finnigan tried out on my couch. Measurements are 30 X 22 so please keep this in mind! To enter for a chance at the quilt, which retails for $115 Canadian, and was Finnigan-tested and approved!) you can write a BLOG post about the contest as well as link to Boodie Kiss. Post your link in a comment to this blog entry.
If you don't blog, just leave a comment to the post and ask three friends to check out our site. Get a bonus entry for every friend that you referred who leaves us a comment.
We do not sell or give away any information whatsoever.
Contest ends Nov. 1. Winner will be notified by email that day.

October 13, 2007

Go Ruff Ruff, Go Ruff Ruff!

Cat: Mom decided to google the term "Ruff Ruff" this morning. If it was out of pure curiosity or total boredom, I don't know.
But she found out that we are #35 in the dogosphere! Pretty pawsome, huh?
Now, if I could jut get her back in bed with me to cuddle.

October 12, 2007

Today you may call me...

Finnigan: I'm bored, Dog mom is busy taking care of our crying human sibling and since I have some time on my hands, I thought I'd add some more titles of respect by which you all can refer to me by.

How to address the Finnigans, con'td....

His Royal Prince of Pawsomness

Lord and Master of Barkdom

His Majesty, the Furrsome Finnigans


His Royal Dogliness

That is all for now.

Cat: Are any of you reading this actually buying into Finnigan's la-la-land list of ways to kiss his furry bottom? *rolls eyes*

I'm sorry? What was that, Finnigan? Oh yes, My Lord...If it is time to go outside, I will accompany you and protect you from harm.


Sorry, peoples and puppies. I must go. My duty as Royal Bodyguard is being requested. It is really tiring work.

October 10, 2007

Gentle Paws Pet Massage is Tail-wagstic!

Finnigan: Being a puppy is hard work. All the tail-wagging, tongue-hanging, jumping up and down because we are happy to see you stuff just gets us all dog-tired and stuff.

And when you are King of all Pupdom? Forget about it.
So when Dog Mom contacted Jennifer Trombley, owner of Gentle Paws Pet Massage, I wasn't about to say no to a pampering session.
And wow, 30 minutes later and I'm a brand new dog. Sure, Mom and Dad pet us and hug us every day, but this was waaayyy different. Even Mom told Dad that she was wrong about pet massage because she used to think it was...how did she put it? Oh yeah-"Glorified petting that she would have to pay for." She told Dad that our muscles got relaxed and our blood is flowing better and our flexibility is improved and a bunch of other stuff that sounded like boring human-speak (but it seemed to impress Dad.)
All I know is that I would actually consider leaving Mom and Dad to move in with this lady. I'm ready to take on the world (Well, I do that, anyway) and rule with an iron paw!
Finnigan's Ruff Ruff Review: Four out of four paws. This lady has magic hands.

Cat: So today was so cool because this lady came over and was so nice and she smelled like a million other dogs, (but they all smelled nice) and she set up a table and mom picked me up and put me on it and then the lady rubbed me all over and made me feel like I was melting and I kissed her on the face!
I love her. I hope I get to see her again. I think I will kiss her on the face if I do.
Cat's Ruff Ruff Review: Four out of four paws. She made me melt. I miss her.
Dog mom says: Enter to win a free 30-minute massage session from Gentle Paws Pet Massage by leaving a comment to this post with a valid email address. You must include your city of residence to be considered. Please do not enter if you are not within a reasonable distance of Madison Heights, MI. One winner will be selected and notified by Oct. 31.
New customers can take advantage of a $10 discount off of their first visit only if you tell Jennifer that Finnigan and Cat from Ruff Ruff sent you.

October 9, 2007

Where are our friends?

Cat: Mommy said that all of the dogs on the magic box she writes on all the time have friends all over the world. So I have been patiently waiting to meet mine.

Are you there? I'd like a friend, please. Just leave us a comment so we know that you are there!
I am starting to get very lonely.

That's Mr. Finnigan to you, human!

Finnigan: As His Supreme Dogness of all of Blogdom, I must be addressed with titles of respect. I have decided to compile a list for my loyal readers that will help them address me properly.

How to address The Finnigans
Dr. Finnigan, M.D.
Finnigan the Super Puppy
The Great Overlord
Master and Commander
Supreme Ruler of All and Then Some
Your Royal Highness

The Dog King
His Royal Furness
Emperor of all Dogkind
That is all for now. This is a working list, of course, and will be updated as new titles are bestowed upon me by well....me. But since I am His Royal Dogliness, I guess that makes sense.
I am tired and must rest now. You are dismissed.

October 8, 2007

Calling all Dawgs

Finnigan: What in Dog's name am I going to do with a cell phone?

According to the good people at Petsmo (tm), the PetsCell is the doggy doo-dad to get in 2008.

The GPS-enabled, waterproof device apparently has a remote geo-fence feature that will tell Mom if I stepped out of my designated virtual prison.
But is it really fair that Mom can call us at any time just to tell us to get off the bed when she isn't home?
Ummmm....NO! It's not like I can talk back or even call back for that matter.
The basics on the PetsCell are this: You hook it up to your dog. You leave the house. You miss dog. You call dog. Dog has no choice but to be woken up from a perfectly happy nap on your silk sheets and listen to you babble endlessly about how Sparky is "such a good boy!" You hang up. Dog wonders how much trouble he is going to get into for trapping Mom and Dad into the magic box on his collar. And oh Boy! Who's going to feed him now?
Finnigan's predicted Ruff Ruff Review: Two out of four paws. I don't like talking to invisible people.

Cat: Finn, the point is that lost dogs can find their peoples again! Imagine a scared and lonely dog walking around and people hear a voice coming from the collar as Mom explains how her dog is lost and please help her!
Yes, people might think the dog is possessed at first, but this might actually save a few lives.
I'd like to see if Petsmo would be willing to send us two to try out?
I just want to make the other dogs at the park jealous with my own phone. The girls can be such, well....you know.
Cat's Predicted Ruff Ruff Review: Three out of four paws. The potential for saving lives is a real plus.

8 paws up for Haint

Dog Mom synopsis of the book: In Haint, author Joy Ward takes the reader on an extraterrestrial journey into the future where human survival depends on the love shared between man and the highly evolved spirit of the dog. Ward's tale is as enlightening as it is cautionary: If we as a species do not stop trying to destroy ourselves and instead strive to be the kind of people our dogs think we already are, then even the love of our furry angels will not be able to save us from ourselves.
But there is hope. There is Haint.

Finnigan: Greetings, minions of my domain. It is I, the Great Finnigans, Ruler of all that is dog. I realize it has been quite some time since we last spoke, but it took us longer than expected to read Haint by author and Dogster's For the Love of Dog blog editor, Joy Ward. (The lack of opposable thumbs makes the simple human act of flipping pages in books quite cumbersome.)
I will be honest in saying that I, Finnigan, Emperor of Barkdom, am not easily impressed by many humans. You stress too easily when a good sleep on a pile of freshly folded clothes could make you feel so much better. You rarely take the time to just sit down and enjoy a nice chew on some delectable rawhide because things like To Do lists and bosses are making you watch every tick of the clock. And a lot of the time, you don't see how we try to help you sit down, relax, and enjoy a moment of peace.
Did you honestly think that our endless jumping up and down to get your attention is for our benefit?
Okay, well, sometimes it is. But most of the time, we are trying to help you.
That is our job.
Now, most humans do not impress me, but the insight Joy Ward shows in Haint only proves that there are humans out there who see us for what we really are: furry little beings who are here to show you how to be better people.
This is an incredibly pawsome read for anyone who loves dogs. And if you are reading Ruff Ruff, I guess I don't have to tell you to buy this book, cuddle up with your dog, and enjoy a nice, long read.
Finnigan's Ruff Ruff Review: Three out of four paws. (But only because the main character is a Weimaraner and not a handsome little 17-pound terrier mix named Finnigan.)

Cat: Finnigan, that was deep, man.
What is there left for me to say but thank you to Joy for giving humans a chance to see life through our eyes. Every dog owner should be required to read this book.
Cat's Ruff Review: Five out of four paws. (I'm making up for Finnigan being an idiot by counting one of my paws twice.)