May 26, 2008

ruff ruff...and meow

Finnigan says: Greetings peasants and pooches. It is I, Finnigan the Great Master and Commander of the Entire Universe and Beyond.
It has been many moons since my last post (that sounded pretty sweet, didn't it?) and I have a majorly barkin' announcement to make.
Dog Mom is a traitor.
Yes, I said it. If I didn't rely on her for food, shelter, and belly rubs, I'd turn her in to the puppy council right now for treason.
Her crime? She has broken our cardinal rule barring felines from Ruff Ruff Ruff! Can you believe it?
Apparently, we will now be having a guest blogger coming in with some Candid Carrie's Cat Corner, or some ruff like that.
As a dog, I am totally against it. But Dog Mom says she won't transcribe for me anymore unless I agree to it. So here I am, announcing to the world (because I have no thumbs)that cats are now welcome on Ruff Ruff.
There goes the blogosphere...



Tee said...

Hello Ruff Ruff Ruff ...!

We be the Dog Woods Pack. And coincidently Dog WOods lies in the hear of Cat City!

So fret you not. Its one meow meow carrie you have to deal with ... we gots an entire city! :P Glad to report that Dog Woods is cat free we us diligently guarding our territories.

Licks and Wags

Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

julieandrews said...

Nice ghoulish article … very fitting for the season and impressively damn interesting.