September 30, 2007

Right behind the ear, please Jeeves!

Finnigan: Greetings, my loyal subjects! I trust you have had a relaxing weekend with your people. Yes? Good. No? Give me your master's name and I will report them to the Puppy Council. There, that's settled...
Now, time to make any dog outside of the Metro Detroit area drool with envy as we review our complimentary massages at The Pet Ritz Lakeshore Resort's grand opening Tail-Gate party.
One word: heavan. The massage therapist was incredible. In fact, I have already ordered Mom to take me to see him. She mumbled something about the cost of the massage and I just gave her my magic "puppy eyes."
She told me to get a job.
Anyway, not only does the new doggy heavan--I mean daycare resort--offer spa treatments like massages and acupuncture, the facility is chock-full of Finnigan-approved dog people. The Russian Dog God himself, Vladae Roypaetel was there. He was quite honored to meet me, as I am King of the dogs he trains, and I actually knighted him. If you ask him, Vladae might look at you funny, but that is because we have an agreeement. He is only pretending not to know.
Did I mention the massages? Ask for Danny. Tell him Finnigan sent you.
Finnigan's Ruff Ruff Review: The massage gets four out of four paws! I will review the facility itself after I check it out a bit more closely.

Cat: Hi peoples! Hello puppies!
We had such a good time at the Tail-gating party. Sure, we got massages, but my favorite part was my ice-cream cone. That's right! A real, people ice-cream cone! It was TOTALLY PAWSOME!
The massage guy gave it to me...He's my friend.
So if you live close enough, you need to come visit. Pet Ritz Lakeshore is great and I can't wait to go and visit again. I get an ice-cream cone at every vist, right?
Cat's Ruff Ruff Review: The massage gets four out of four paws and the party is three out of four paws. I'm with Finnigan on waiting on rating the actual Resort until we have seen it all!

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