October 8, 2007

8 paws up for Haint

Dog Mom synopsis of the book: In Haint, author Joy Ward takes the reader on an extraterrestrial journey into the future where human survival depends on the love shared between man and the highly evolved spirit of the dog. Ward's tale is as enlightening as it is cautionary: If we as a species do not stop trying to destroy ourselves and instead strive to be the kind of people our dogs think we already are, then even the love of our furry angels will not be able to save us from ourselves.
But there is hope. There is Haint.

Finnigan: Greetings, minions of my domain. It is I, the Great Finnigans, Ruler of all that is dog. I realize it has been quite some time since we last spoke, but it took us longer than expected to read Haint by author and Dogster's For the Love of Dog blog editor, Joy Ward. (The lack of opposable thumbs makes the simple human act of flipping pages in books quite cumbersome.)
I will be honest in saying that I, Finnigan, Emperor of Barkdom, am not easily impressed by many humans. You stress too easily when a good sleep on a pile of freshly folded clothes could make you feel so much better. You rarely take the time to just sit down and enjoy a nice chew on some delectable rawhide because things like To Do lists and bosses are making you watch every tick of the clock. And a lot of the time, you don't see how we try to help you sit down, relax, and enjoy a moment of peace.
Did you honestly think that our endless jumping up and down to get your attention is for our benefit?
Okay, well, sometimes it is. But most of the time, we are trying to help you.
That is our job.
Now, most humans do not impress me, but the insight Joy Ward shows in Haint only proves that there are humans out there who see us for what we really are: furry little beings who are here to show you how to be better people.
This is an incredibly pawsome read for anyone who loves dogs. And if you are reading Ruff Ruff, I guess I don't have to tell you to buy this book, cuddle up with your dog, and enjoy a nice, long read.
Finnigan's Ruff Ruff Review: Three out of four paws. (But only because the main character is a Weimaraner and not a handsome little 17-pound terrier mix named Finnigan.)

Cat: Finnigan, that was deep, man.
What is there left for me to say but thank you to Joy for giving humans a chance to see life through our eyes. Every dog owner should be required to read this book.
Cat's Ruff Review: Five out of four paws. (I'm making up for Finnigan being an idiot by counting one of my paws twice.)

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