November 24, 2007

We have a winner!

Finnigan: Greetings, underdogs. I, The Great Finnigans, have returned to grace thee with my presence. What's that? You'd like to kiss my paw? Of course, my loyal subjects. Of course...(It is so taxing being royalty. You'd never guess that..)
Cat: Ummm. yeah. (Blech!) We are supposed to be announcing our winner of Haint, Finnigan. Not waxing poetic about the royal life of you. Geesh. Talk about a royal Pain in the hiney.
Anyway, Bobbe and Sara have been selected as our winner of an autographed copy of Haint, by author and Dogster's For The Love of Dog Blog editor Joy Ward. Thanks to all who entered. I like making new friends.
Speaking of friends, anyone want to send us anything new to review? Throw us a bone? Please? You know you want to. *wink, wink*

Note from Dog Mom: My apologies for not posting as much. My father is in the hospital right now.


Bobbeleh said...

Oh my goodness!!! We won! We are sooooo thrilled!

Bobbe (and Sara)

Finnigan and Cat said...

Congrats! And thanks for entering.