November 14, 2007

'Haint' it cool?? Win a book!

Finnigan: Good day, my furry minions and human adorers. I realize it has been quite some time since Cat and I have graced you with your puppy wisdom and charm, but we have been quite busy. (Well, Dog Mom has been busy, so that translates into us being too busy to blog.)
But we are back now with a new contest and reason to convince you that we are the dog blog to follow. (Free stuff always works for luring humans, right? I know dog treats work for me.)

Cat: Remember when Dog Mom read Haint by Joy Ward and we got to review it on Ruff Ruff? Well Joy has contacted Dog Mom and offered an autographed copy of Haint for one lucky Ruff Ruff reader! How totally pawsome is that?
All you have to do is leave a comment with a valid email address (cuz if we can't contact you, your entry won't count!) telling us what your favorite dog-inspired reading is. Is it a book? A magazine? A certain blog, perhaps? *wink, wink*

Dog Mom says: Contest deadline is Friday, Nov. 23 at 10 p.m. EST. Winner will be notified by email no later than Nov. 24.


Carina said...

I like all kinds of dog magazines, online articles, blogs, as well as books. But, if I had to name my favorites, I would say, Dog Fancy magazine and the dog mystery books by Susan Conant.
My email address is:
What a cool contest. I haven't read the book Haint. It does look interesting. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I win. Carina :)

Lesha said...

Dog Fancy :)

LilacButterfly [at]

Anonymous said...

I have not read Haint yet. I intend to. The funniest dog book that I have read this year was "What the dog did" by Emily Yoffe. I almost fell off the bed laughing. Would of, if I had not so many dogs in the way.

Eliza & Mocho, Inchworm, Leloo, Dharma & Joplin & MacLeod and cats too.

Christine said...

A book that's given me so much to chew on is what I'm finishing now, Bones Would Rain From the Sky, by Suzanne Clothier. It isn't flashy but is deep and true. And as many readers have pointed out, the dynamics she describes, the behavior she suggests, also apply to non-canine relationships.

Bobbeleh said...

I've just finished reading "Cesar's Way" and I'm halfway through "Be The Pack Leader". I read Joy Ward's blog daily, as well as tons of Dogster mail.

My dog, Sara, has more spiritual tastes in reading material, having recently "read" a Qur'an and a Bible. Unfortunately, her method of "reading" generally leaves all the pages strewn across the bed!

Bobbe & Sara

Lisa Robel said...

My favorite are letters and collections of letters from people to their dogs. I also love the Tails of Devotion on

Those letters just melt my heart. The last book i read ... I could only read a couple letters at a time because I would start bawling! It took me a couple weeks to get through it because I just cried all the time!

The unconditional love expressed in those letters is so sweet (I'm tearing up just thinking about them) that even I, one not known for being mushy, gush over them LOL obviously!

I also love the books about service dogs and their devotion to their work.

My email is

Jennifer said...

Well, let's see. Lately I have been reading the Jon Katz books. And I just finished Marley & Me. I found them both very interesting. I also like reading dog magazines and of course all the Dogster Diaries out there. Those are always interesting. I read my own dog's diaries too. Don't tell them though.
My email is jenmazur at csinet dot net

lozeerose said...

Well lets see...I love to browse through (the dog blog news posts are always a favorite). This is how I found your blog. Some of my favorite books about dogs are Marley & Me, What the Dog Did and Amazing Gracie.

InTheOubliette said...

My favorite dog-inspired book is The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell. It taught me so much about dog psychology (and how it relates to human psychology)!

This book helped me get my dog back when (as a puppy) she slipped her leash, and has been invaluable in helping train her to be a well-behaved pup. I've bought multiple copies for friends with dogs and for those considering adopting their first dog... and will continue to recommend it!

Terri Oak said...

As an owner of 3 golden retrievers, I loved the book "101 Uses for a Golden Retriever". Some if it is very funny, and some very insightful. Great book. I also loved "Golden Days: Memories of a Golden Retriever". I cried through half it and laughed out loud at the rest. It's touching and funny and appealing to anyone, even if you don't have goldens.


Breanna R. said...

I like to read Dogster forums, and pages that belong to other dog owners since they come across similar situations and behaviors with their dogs.

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