March 25, 2008

We have our winners!

Finnigan says: Good evening, my loyal minions of Puppydom. It is I, the Great and Fearless Finnigan here to bestow upon three very lucky humans and there even luckier furbabies the opportunity to eat like a King (That would be me, of course).
And here to assist me in announcing this evening's winners is the very talented and lovely Catherine the Great. Cat?

Cat says: (Wow, I have always wanted to be a lovely and talented assistant! This is pawsome!Wait until I tell all of the puppies I know!)
Thank you, Finnigan. We had lots of entries from some hungry pups and their people, but only three get the chance to try the Birkdale Pet Mix!
Our winners were randomly selected by Dog Mom and Buttercup (it just took us a while to post because the pieces of paper she picked out had to have time to dry...she likes to eat paper, you know.)
Our winners are:
Cocoa and her human!
And Madison the Boxer!
Many wags of the tail to all of our contestants!

Dog Mom says: A big thank you to Birkdale Medicinals for allowing Ruff Ruff the opportunity to share their tasty and healthy product with our readers.

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