March 15, 2008

Who wants free food?

Finnigan: Remember our Four Paw review of Birkdale Pet Mix? (I know I do.) Well, my lucky and loyal followers, Dog Mom has a totally barkin' announcement to make. I'll give you one hint: contest...

Cat: Jeez- Finn! Let Dog Mom tell them! She makes the rules, anyway.

Dog Mom says: Three lucky Ruff Ruff readers will win one bag each of the recently reviewed Birkdale Pet Mix. All you have to do is bark Finnigan and Cat a comment to this post telling them why you'd like to try the new food by March 21. Include your email address or your post will not be considered a contest entry.
Those who log on to the Birkdale Medicinals site and request a free sample will receive a bonus entry in our contest. Enter for the free year of dog food on the Birkdale site and receive two more bonus entries.
I'm not psychic, so email us at if you went for the extra credit.
Three winners will be chosen and announced by March 24.
Here's the kicker---if I announce you as a winner and you don't reply within a week, I will have to select an alternate, so be on the lookout! Your dog(s) will thank you for paying attention!
Good luck!
And Ruff Ruff!


sara said...

There's nothing in the world my dog loves to do more than eat. She would appreciate a good quality dog food!

Sara Bauman

Hopkins said...

Hi there! I am so excited your back. My sister got sick on Christmas eve day and she had to go to the rainbow bridge my mom told me. I don't know what to do with my free time. You know mom feeds me the same old stuff all the time. Even though I heard it is organic I still would like to try a new dish know and again. Hopkins

Anonymous said...

Cat and Finn:

My dog dad thinks new food would make for great treats. As a rule, my sisters -- Tamale and Daisy -- and I only eat lamb and rice for breakfast and dinner, but dog dad likes to use other food for "good girl" treats.

A bag of kibble used as treats lasts a lot longer than a small box of treats.

Anonymous said...

I have a 13 yrs old Boston Terrier, that is may baby!!! He is getting older and I want to give him the best food possible. COOKIEQ111@YAHOO.COM

Finnigan and Cat said...

Dog Mom reminder to everyone that entries only count if you leave an email address so that I can contact you if you are a winner!
And Ruff Ruff!

Anonymous said...

Our unfurry person was so impressed by your review that she entered the contest AND ordered food. We can hardly wait--Mocho (16 year old Rott/Pit & head of household), Joplin (15 months old Aussie/Rott & alread a registered Therapy Dog & CGC), MacLeod (10month old mini long-haired Doxie and general all around character) and new to the family Little Boy Blue until his name evolves (12 week, short haired mini Dapple Doxie with Blue eyes) We are hoping she wins the year supply.

Anonymous said...

Dear Finnigan and Cat:
I really hope that I can win some food. You probably wonder why it is that I, Coconut IV deserve the food .. well here goes. My humans deserted me and left me with their mother years ago. They went off and made themselves some little humans. Seven different little humans have been paraded in front of me. Those little humans pull on my tail and scream at me .. and I am not allowed to snap back or bite. And I indulge these little humans and be nice even though they hurt me. The littlest one has so far been unable to catch me, but I am now old and she is now able to crawl so soon she will catch me. Maybe a healthier food will give me a chance to escape her little hands until she can learn to play nice. If you have ever encountered one of these little humans you know how important that can be. Thank you for considering me .. and if I win, please let my human know at so she can bring me the new vittles. Thank you much for the consideration.

Coconut IV aka Cocoa

sonya said...

I would love to feed my 2 dogs something that really is good for them. I been to the web site for briksdale petmix and it sounds like a really good product. I'm sure the pepper and francis would love to try it.

Sonya Campos

Michelle said...

Who wants free food ??

I DO.. I DO !!!

Madison the Boxer

Anonymous said...

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