April 16, 2008

What's up? (Besides that thermometer?)

Finnigan says: Greetings, my human and canine friends! You know the drill already: I say I am King, you all bow down and worship my furfullness, and then la-ti-da-ti-da and all that.
And now that we are past all the formalities, I'd like to tell you all about our very busy day.

It's tough being famous and Royal, and a dog needs to stay on top of his health. So we let Dog Mom take us to the Vet of Doom, othewise known as North Gratiot Veterinarian(where they do sometimes unspeakable things! Seriously! Thermometers go into people's mouths, right? Why's it gotta be this way for us?)
I keep telling Dog Mom that we need to try a new place, maybe one that frowns on the thermometer-up-the-butt-thing...but she always pets me (how condecending...) and tells me that this is the best vet there is.

Uncle Pepper didn't know it yet, but he's the only lucky one out of the bunch of me, Cat, and Francis.

You really have no idea how many times Dog Mom had to press that button to finally get this picture. I really am not sure what "film" is or why it would roll, but she kept muttering how she would have wasted all of it for this one picture.
(Don't tell her that except for Tia Sonya, we aren't even facing the cameral. It might just break her heart.)

This is one of those unpseakable things I was talking about. Dog
Mom and the doctor had to combine their strength to hold me down for the blood draw. Yes.
I am that strong.
Dog Mom swears they do this to her at the people doctor, but after the peanut butter and the pill incident, I am hesitant to take her at her word. You understand.

Finally, we were all done and I had my manly band-aid holding my guts in from my war wound. (And no, I don't want a biology lesson right now. I am perfectly happy with my story.)
So how was your day?


Simba said...

You poor thing what an ordeal. I hope you got treats.

Simba x

Finnigan and Cat said...

Simba, thank you for your sincere concern. Yes, we got treats. But I do beliefve that treats should be mandatory after each and every vet visit. And they better be BIG treats if a thermometer is involved.

sara said...

I am so sorry you guys. As far as the thermometer things...I agree. Mouths it should be, as well as lots of treats afterwards!

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