October 14, 2007

Win a crate Quilt

Finnigan: Greetings, my loyal minions.
Dog Mom and I have been up for a while trying to figure out how to best review and describe one of the most unique luxury pet items we have ever seen: the crate quilt from Boodie Kiss Pet Couture. (Cat's sitting out on this one due to the size constraint issue for the product received.)
Now, Dog Mom has never crated me, but since the new furniture arrived, I have been forced to stay on the couch throw, or risk getting thrown off myself (someone alert the media!). So what is a dog of my stature and presence supposed to do when Dog Mom has decided that she must wash said (and ONLY) couch throw? I'll tell you.
Usually, I am forced onto the *eewwww* dog bed with Cat, which is soooo beneath me.
But after today's package came in the mail, Dog Mom decided to wash the fur-bunnies off of the regular throw, and put the Boodie Kiss Crate Quilt in its place.
It comes in different sizes, but at 30 X 22, it's too small for Cat so too bad for her. I told her to get off my king pad and get back onto her dog bed.
I'll tell you one thing, if Dog Mom ever had crated me, I would have demanded one of these luxuriously hand-made quilts to spice up the place, while providing me with some comfort.
And I am pleased that humans are now taking into consideration the canine sense of style and function and designing luxery items specifically with us in mind.
Good human. Now sit and email all of your friends about the crate quilt. Check back often for your treat for being such a good human...it's going to be much better than that stale dog biscuit crap you try to pawn off on us as "yummy."
But I'm not bitter, of course. Just tired of stale dog biscuits.
Finnigan's Ruff Ruff Review: Four out of Four paws. It's luxury. It's fit for a King. It is perfect for me because I just so happen to be King. Enough said.

Dog Mom says: Enter to win the crate quilt that Finnigan tried out on my couch. Measurements are 30 X 22 so please keep this in mind! To enter for a chance at the quilt, which retails for $115 Canadian, and was Finnigan-tested and approved!) you can write a BLOG post about the contest as well as link to Boodie Kiss. Post your link in a comment to this blog entry.
If you don't blog, just leave a comment to the post and ask three friends to check out our site. Get a bonus entry for every friend that you referred who leaves us a comment.
We do not sell or give away any information whatsoever.
Contest ends Nov. 1. Winner will be notified by email that day.


Anonymous said...

Sara said...
I love the idea of a crate quilt for my little dog. This looks like a great gift idea, too.

Huntington Woods Mi

October 30, 2007

JB said...

What a great idea for doggies...it almost makes me jealous...wish I had a place that cool to sleep!


Bellevue OH