October 9, 2007

That's Mr. Finnigan to you, human!

Finnigan: As His Supreme Dogness of all of Blogdom, I must be addressed with titles of respect. I have decided to compile a list for my loyal readers that will help them address me properly.

How to address The Finnigans
Dr. Finnigan, M.D.
Finnigan the Super Puppy
The Great Overlord
Master and Commander
Supreme Ruler of All and Then Some
Your Royal Highness

The Dog King
His Royal Furness
Emperor of all Dogkind
That is all for now. This is a working list, of course, and will be updated as new titles are bestowed upon me by well....me. But since I am His Royal Dogliness, I guess that makes sense.
I am tired and must rest now. You are dismissed.

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