October 12, 2007

Today you may call me...

Finnigan: I'm bored, Dog mom is busy taking care of our crying human sibling and since I have some time on my hands, I thought I'd add some more titles of respect by which you all can refer to me by.

How to address the Finnigans, con'td....

His Royal Prince of Pawsomness

Lord and Master of Barkdom

His Majesty, the Furrsome Finnigans


His Royal Dogliness

That is all for now.

Cat: Are any of you reading this actually buying into Finnigan's la-la-land list of ways to kiss his furry bottom? *rolls eyes*

I'm sorry? What was that, Finnigan? Oh yes, My Lord...If it is time to go outside, I will accompany you and protect you from harm.


Sorry, peoples and puppies. I must go. My duty as Royal Bodyguard is being requested. It is really tiring work.

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