October 26, 2007

My new ride

Finnigan: Dog Mom has been so busy lately not making any money as a freelance writer that she has kept forgetting to download the pictures from our trip to the Renessaince Festival last month.
And really, what good is the Finnigan Ruff Ruff Review of a cewl product if I don't have my visual aide?
I mean, seriously.
So now, my loyal pawllowers, I can finally review my new ride, which Dog Mom says is called "The Bob Revolution."
It's a very comfortable carriage and truly fit for a King, such as myself. Nothing like those measley little "pet" strollers I see other dogs pushed in. Those are for peasants.
I have graciously allowed for Dog Mom to place our human sibling in my carriage when I am not using it. I need to keep all paws on the ground as often as possible in order to keep these rock hard puppy abs in tip-top shape, anyway.
Finnigan's Ruff Ruff Review: Four out of Four Paws. This is one ride that will get a puppy noticed!

1 comment:

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