October 16, 2007

The Dog Wizard, Vladae Roytapel

Finnigan: Good afternoon, my loyal subjects. I am here to speak on world-renowned dog training expert, Vladae Roytapel, and his new DVD's (Secrets from the Russian Dog Wizard and More Secrets from the Russian Dog Wizard)for people to learn how to train their dogs. Dog Mom watched both of his DVD's on the magic picture box with me and Cat, and I can tell you for sure that these are good buys.
Don't freak out, pupsters. I mean "for humans."
Now, I am not in need of Vladae's Alternative Canine Training Techniques*tm (I am the Finnigans, after all) but these DVD's really help bring home the point that we (meaning dogs) can't be expected to read your minds. You (meaning humans) need to tell us what you want, when you want us to do it, and then tell us we did a good job so we know to do it again. And if you want us to think you are the boss, you have to act like it.
Vladae and his partner, Bonnie, are scary good. Their dogs can walk off-leash, carry their bags, and are the rulers of the sit-stay world.
I give them a nod of the head and a wag of the tail.
Now let me just enjoy my time here sleeping on Dog Mom's clothes.
Finnigan's Ruff Ruff Review: Two out of four paws. Why only two? Because I am perfectly content to watch The Dog Wizard show other dogs who the real alpha is in their homes...
Let's just say he is that good....and I'd just rather rule my own little kingdom.

Cat: Finnigan, for once, is right. his guy is gooooooooood. I saw him take a rescued dog who was totally all happy and jumping and "which way do we go?" and in five minutes had the dog walking perfectly at heel.
Now, we are trained and Mom and Dad tell us who is boss, that is for sure. But Vladae and Bonnie are like boot-camp for puppies. Dogs, if you are reading this....don't let your parents read the blog for a few days until this post has been buried! (Quick! If you have a heart and own a dog business, SEND US SOMETHING ELSE TO REVIEW!) Humans, if you already found your way to this post, get ready to be amazed. If you follow the directions and stuff in these DVD's, then get ready for a promotion to alpha.
Sorry pooches.
Cat's Ruff Ruff Review: Two out of four paws. I agree with Finnigan. While this might qualify as a four-star product for humans, we puppies aren't too thrilled about it.

Dog Mom steps in: Okay, so your pooch might rule the roost right now, but learn from Vladae and stop asking your dog to sit. Tell him and tell him in such a way that he understands what you want of him. Practice the techniques demonstrated in the DVD's, and you'll be amazed at the transformation.
Come on, now. He's trained KGB dogs! How can you top that? Learn Vladae's ACT methods and you might just save your dog's life. But hurry-the normally $170 price for both DVD's is being offered for only $64 for a limited time.
Dog Mom's guest Ruff Ruff Review: Two thumbs up! (Human equivalent to four out of four paws.)


Hopkins said...

Hopkins says: my mom had this dog wizzard over once and after that she meant business with both me and my sister. I was sad because we used to rule this house until he stopped by. However my sister really had an attitude problem and needed some disapline. She used to stress my mom out and I didn't like that. So I guess the guy is ok. Hey Cat and Finnigan when are we going to play. I am bored today.

Finnigan and Cat said...

Finnigans and Cat say:Hopkins, I am glad the Dog Wizard helped correct your sister's attitude problem.
He is an interesting human and dog's dig him.
And we can play next week, we think. Is that good for you??

Anonymous said...

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