October 14, 2007

Ruff Ruff gets a "kiss" from Boodie

Finnigan: Hello to all, this fine evening.

I am gracing you all with my presence to remind you to enter the contest for the Finnigan-approved crate quilt from Boodie Kiss. If no one enters, I get to keep it and you all get to wish you were me. (I know you do that, anyway, but still...)

Cat: Remember my pink T-shirt? I still love it. Mom and Dad made me take it off, though.
Wanna win one? Check back next month. I think Mom and Boodie's mom want to make another puppy super happy with their own dog-tee.
Check back next month to find out. Don't you just love the suspense?
Oh, and check out the press page at Boodie Kiss. Not sure why, but Mom seems really happy about it.
And Finnigan just got a bigger ego...it is even possible?