October 24, 2007

Boppies are a dog's best friend

Finnigan: Greeting, loyal underlings.

Do any of your dog parents have furless puppies? You know...those needy little two-legged pups that have to be carried everywhere and held to be fed?

Our Dog Mom has one and up until today, I didn't really find any use for the riff raff Dog Mom has collected to help care for Buttercup; until I snuggled into the Boppy, that is.

Dog Mom has explained that this is some type of feeding device for furless, two-legged pups. I think it should also be marketed as a puppy pillow. It is quite comfortable.

Finnigan's Ruff Ruff Review: Three out of four paws. It is pink, after all.


Hopkins said...

Hi everyone,
It’s Hopkins again. I wanted to write sooner but my mom keeps hogging the magic box. The bop looks comfortable. I use my stuffed animals to snuggle with. It is so darn comfortable. Yesterday was great! My mom came home and laid on the floor and she smelled so wonderful. She smelled like a million relaxed dogs. Hope your doing dog gone well. It is nice talking to normal dogs for a change. My sister is weird.

Chase you later,

Finnigan and Cat said...

Hopkins, you are one cool dog.