October 8, 2007

Calling all Dawgs

Finnigan: What in Dog's name am I going to do with a cell phone?

According to the good people at Petsmo (tm), the PetsCell is the doggy doo-dad to get in 2008.

The GPS-enabled, waterproof device apparently has a remote geo-fence feature that will tell Mom if I stepped out of my designated virtual prison.
But is it really fair that Mom can call us at any time just to tell us to get off the bed when she isn't home?
Ummmm....NO! It's not like I can talk back or even call back for that matter.
The basics on the PetsCell are this: You hook it up to your dog. You leave the house. You miss dog. You call dog. Dog has no choice but to be woken up from a perfectly happy nap on your silk sheets and listen to you babble endlessly about how Sparky is "such a good boy!" You hang up. Dog wonders how much trouble he is going to get into for trapping Mom and Dad into the magic box on his collar. And oh Boy! Who's going to feed him now?
Finnigan's predicted Ruff Ruff Review: Two out of four paws. I don't like talking to invisible people.

Cat: Finn, the point is that lost dogs can find their peoples again! Imagine a scared and lonely dog walking around and people hear a voice coming from the collar as Mom explains how her dog is lost and please help her!
Yes, people might think the dog is possessed at first, but this might actually save a few lives.
I'd like to see if Petsmo would be willing to send us two to try out?
I just want to make the other dogs at the park jealous with my own phone. The girls can be such, well....you know.
Cat's Predicted Ruff Ruff Review: Three out of four paws. The potential for saving lives is a real plus.

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