October 15, 2007

Don'tcha wanna win????

Finnigan: I am reminding my loyal readers to enter the contest for the free pet massage from Gentle Paws Pet Massage.
No, scratch that.
I am King. Therefore, I am ordering you.

Cat: Ignore him. Listen to me. You will LOVE this lady because she has magic hands and loves puppies and knows how to make us putty in her hands! So ask you Dog Moms and Dad to sign you up!


Hopkins said...

Hopkins says: Woofman to that. One day she was petting me and the next day it was really different. I melted in her hands. I don't know what happened. I am not complaining it really helps me after a hard day of playing.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer comes and massages me and my sister on a regular basis. She started to do this for me when my mom asked if she could help. As a puppy I suffered from a broken leg and then a broken toe so I was unable to socialize and that has left me very scared. Jennifer makes me feel so relaxed and comfortable and as a young Great Dane my body just loves to be massaged. I feel sorry for my mom though as she gets these healing massages for us but she never treats herself to them as she knows the benefits of them for humans too.